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Joseph C. Mistretta

Joseph Mistretta is our remarkable Special Effects Instructor at London Eyes Academy. Joseph’s has received great recognition for his work with a nomination for “The Wintress” for best Special Effects Make-Up and a winning award for “Clear Lake, WI” also for best Special Effects Make-Up. He is an extremely talented and gifted Special Effects Makeup Artist with an award winning personality to match. Joseph is very attentive to his students and open to any and all of their questions.

Joseph Mistretta received his training from the Chicago Center for Performing Arts, where he participated in Private Studies with Kim Clark. Furthermore, at DePaul University, Joseph attended an Acting Workshop led by Rachael Slavik. He is also a graduate from Pivot Point Academy.



What They Say   

SPFX Supervisor 

Heather Dorff

Headline News

SPFX Make-Up

Willy Adkins

Hand of Glory SPFX Make-Up Stuart Whalin
The Posthumous Era SPFX Make-Up Christopher Wos
The Walking Dead 
     (Live Promo for AMC)
SPFX Make-Up Bottlerocket Marketing
Walking Dead
  (Live Promo for AMC)
The SPFX Make-Up  Lead Dog Marketing
Clear Lake, WI SPFX Supervisor
Meriwether Productions

The Wintress

SPFX Make-Up
Bill Elverman
Refuge  Key Make-Up Kathryn Henderson
Horrid     SPFX Supervisor Six Foot Hamster Films
The Discord SPFX Design Kevin Manning
Backwoods Bloodbath SPFX Supervisor Locked Truck Productions
Dragon     SPFX Make-Up Asylum Pictures
Prozak Music Video   Key SPFX Make-Up   Cohesion Productions
X-Treme Hauntings SPFX Make-Up   John Viletta - Owner
Twisted Thicket SPFX Make-Up  Jake Jarvi
Ruthless    SPFX Make-Up   Rich Wolgemuth; Dir.
Disgruntled    SPFX Make-Up John Conatser
Fluffenhaus    SPFX Make-Up Fluffenhaus LLC
The King & The Bear SPFX Make-Up Anthony Reddix
New Day SPFX Make-Up Jason Williams
Cloven Kingdom Print Ad SPFX Make-Up   Joffrey Ballet
ICFLM Film Fest. TV Spot  Key SPFX Make-Up Locked Trunk Productions
Acting Workshop   SPFX Make-Up Brenda Pickleman
Dead By Morning   SPFX Make-Up  Alen Rahimic
Grounded Photo Shoot   SPFX Make-Up   Locked Trunk Productions
Tales From The Sick Promo  SPFX Coordinator  Cohesion Productions
Hourglass  SPFX Make-Up Jeff Bauer
Road Kill SPFX Make-Up   Ashley Tragarz: Producer
City Of Pennies  SPFX Make-Up COP LLC
Laser     SPFX Make-Up   Ferk Enterprise
Tell-Tale Heart    SPFX Make-Up   Rich Wolgemuth: Dir.
Twisted House Of Horrors SPFX Designer Cue Club Inc. & U R Chicago
Fright Fest - Six Flags   SPFX Make-Up   JPM Productions
Ciara     SPFX Make-Up   Matt Doubler: Dir.
Plunket Music Video   Make-Up   Videos That Rock Productions
Inmates Got Talent Make-Up   Sean Collins
Make It Happen    Production Assistant  MIH LLC, Inc.
Missy And The Maxinator  Production Assistant  Dj Lynch: Dir.
In Memorium Writer/Director   Three Rubberband Productions



The Only One Marcus Joe Imhoff: Dir.
Horrid Lewis Six Foot Hamster Films