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Laura Franco

London Eyes would like to introduce our amazing Instructor, Laura Franco, a passionate, innovative and awe inspiring makeup artist. As an Instructor, Laura devotes her personal attention to each student and makes sure each student has mastered the skills they need to succeed. Laura always offers our students the latest tips and tricks, from the newest cosmetic products to the hottest makeup trends. You will leave Laura’s class feeling inspired and thirsty for more knowledge!

Laura received her training at the prestigious University of Technology and Design in Kiev as well as the London Eyes International Makeup Academy. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and she is a Certified Makeup and Hair Designer. After one year of apprenticeship at the Dovzhenko Film Studio in Ukraine, Laura collaborated with various European designers and fashion photographers to prepare models for appearances in front of the camera and runway.


With more than 15 years of experience in the industry she currently is a favorite among brides and models and works on music videos, runway shows, television, concerts, film, music awards, and print, in Chicago and New York.

She has been a National Artist and Creative Consultant for Salerm Cosmetics and has been a lead artist for top designers at New York Fashion Week.

Laura creates a complete look for the clients and has given advice as a beauty expert for highly respected Image Studios in Chicago. She speaks to women all over and empowers them with moving motivational messages.

“The most rewarding job is to teach and share my knowledge and passion for Makeup Artistry with new talent. I am always looking forward to each class and I am absolutely amazed to see the transformation of our students into true Artists.” - Laura says about teaching at London Eyes.


Miss Ukraine 1992 Kiev, Ukraine
“50x50” Dovzhenko Film Studios
“Ukraine Have Talent” Dovzhenko Film Studios
“Chance” Dovzhenko Film Studios

Brian McConkey Photography Chicago
Passion Hair Book 2011

Runway/Hair Shows:
Fashion Focus Chicago 2009
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY 2010 -Toni Francesc Show
Salerm Hair Show 2010 NY
Salerm Hair Show 2011 Chicago

Lead Sephora Makeup Artist
Freelance for Harpo Studios
London Eyes International Makeup Academy